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:: what can we do for you?

At andrew green associates, we have assembled a multi-disciplined and multi-talented team of highly-skilled IT professionals. Choosing andrew green associates for your website design and development project, you are hiring not just our state of the art technical expertise, intensely professional approach and near-obsessive attention to detail, but our extensive experience in business analysis - enabling us to quickly get to grips with the needs of your organisation and design a site exactly meeting your needs.

There are four fundamental reasons why our clients continue to use us as their web designers -

web design dorset When a client rings, I am there, ready to immediately answer the question and, if it's a problem, get on to finding a solution for it there and then. No waiting for an 'account manager' to ring you back. No "he's in a meeting". No fuss and no flannel.

website dewsign in dorset We don't work normal office hours, so you can ring me at any time - you're not being a nuisance; you're just concerned about your website, because your business relies on it. My aim is to work with you on your business, increasing your profitability year after year.

dorset web design Because we're a loosely-stuctured team of IT specialists, we always have someone available who has years of training, experience and expertise in any specific issue which we need to deal with. No jacks of all trades here.

dorset website design For us, professional doesn't mean suits and ties and formality. Most of our clients have become friends over the years and that's the type of relationship which I always intend to have. Just because we're doing a professional job for you doesn't mean I can't talk to you about your recent holiday.

:: what do you want your website to do?

Whatever product or service you're selling or presenting, there's no point in having an internet presence if your website doesn't show what you supply to its best advantage.

This is where the design of your website comes in and where the services of a professional web development company can have enormous benefit to your organisation. There's no advantage to you in having a wonderful design and a complex bells-and-whistles website which is so relentlessly clever that your website visitors can't tell what they're supposed to do or how to get around. But on the other hand, a website which looks too basic can make you seem like an amateur.

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